Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: As You Breathe Again

Today's Teaser Tuesday comes from my January adult contemporary romance, AS YOU BREATHE AGAIN. In this scene, Lanie has just arrived back in Baylor for the rest of the summer, and she and her bestie, Quinn, are spending some much-needed time together. :) 

“But you’re here in person now!” Quinn brightened. “I’m super excited about that, in case I haven’t told you about twelve times already.”

Lanie was about to make a joke about how this made it a baker’s dozen when she caught sight of a familiar figure sitting at the bar. Even with his back to her, she’d know those broad shoulders, that untamable dark hair. She hadn’t thought she’d see him this soon. She hadn’t had any time to prepare for what being in his vicinity might do to her.

Air. She needed to breathe. Breathing was good. It meant she wouldn’t end up getting CPR from someone named Billy Bob “Tractor” Jones when she got up close and personal with the floor.

Turn around, turn around. She repeated the mantra like a prayer, needing to see those eyes that always made her feel pinned to the wall, stripped of defenses and labeled his alone. It hit her like a sudden sheet of rain, the inescapable truth that she’d missed him. Missed his laugh, the way his whole face changed when he was amused or happy. The way her heart beat faster when he accidentally grazed her arm.

“Lanie? Earth to Lanie?”

She had no idea how had she ever pretended she wasn’t attracted to him. She didn’t know how she was supposed to pretend again, now. Everything in her wanted to be near him, soaking in his scent, his strength that matched her own. She wanted to make him laugh. She wanted to bottle the sound so she’d have it to listen to later.

If you'd like to add As You Breathe Again to your TBR, it's up on Goodreads! Let me know what you thought of this teaser. :) 

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