Friday, July 31, 2015

Discussion Post: Will you always self-publish or have you considered traditional publishing?

Today's topic is all about the future of our publishing careers. Will we always only self-pub, or do some of us have dreams of traditional publishing? Read on to find out!


Like Marie said, traditional publishing was, at one point, the only avenue I thought about. Before I started blogging in 2011, I honestly didn't even know what self-publishing WAS, so when I thought of that far-off book I wanted to write, I never considered anything BUT trad publishing. Then I began my blog, met authors and bloggers, and started learning so much.

By the time my first book was about halfway done, I knew I was self-pubbing it. It's technically New Adult, but it's a very different New Adult than some of the titles that quickly became "mainstream NA." I knew I had something to offer, a great story and characters, and *I* wanted to be the one in control behind the scenes.

That being said, I do hope to publish several YA novels eventually, and for those, I'm strongly considering seeking a more traditional publishing route, when the time comes.


Since writing professionally has been my lifelong dream, I always assumed I’d eventually be traditionally published, because that’s all there was. When I discovered self-publishing, I knew it was a great option for me, for so many reasons. I didn’t go into it lightly or blindly - I spent months researching before I made the decision. I suppose there’s a hope in the back of my mind that an agent or publisher will still ‘discover’ me one day and want to acquire rights to my books or have me write something new for them, but I have no plans to seek that out any time soon. I like the freedom and control of self-publishing. As great as it would be to have a whole team behind me and to have some of the financial burden lifted, I’m not sure the trade-off is worth it at this point. I wouldn’t say no if the right offer came along, but for now I’m happy with what I’m doing.


I am absolutely planning on traditional publishing! It used to be one of those pipe dreams, but I've discovered recently how much easier it has gotten for writers/authors to submit manuscripts to publishers without an agent. The prospects are much better than they used to be. It feels like it would be worth giving a shot, and even if the book doesn't get picked up by a publisher, I still have the option to self-publish.

I have a list of writing goals and it includes publishing a book through a traditional publisher. There are three publishers I would absolutely love to write for and it's my aim to submit to them over the next few years. There's just something about the idea of seeing a book you've written on book store shelves. I'm really hoping to get the chance soon. In fact, I'm currently working on a couple ideas I'd like to submit to traditional publishers in the near future. In the meantime, I'm still planning on self-publishing as much as I possibly can.


Years ago when the only option was traditional publishing, that's all I ever thought about doing. The prospect seemed daunting, though. Query letters and printing manuscripts was too much for my teenage self to consider, not to mention staying up to date on which publishing houses to submit to that were currently accepting queries from unagented writers. I put the possibility aside and figured maybe someday I would be able to do it. Then self-publishing came around (the ebook kind). With this new development also came new options from traditional publishers. Many jumped on the ebook craze and most of them began accepting emailed submissions instead of paper. Now that this has changed and submission guidelines are available online, the possibilities for me are much better. I've definitely been thinking about submitting a novel to a traditional publisher at some point in the future, but I know I still want to self-publish, too. One of my books is a novella that's part of a series I plan to continue, so I at least have that to do as an indie author!


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