Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: Marie

Hi everyone! Marie here. I have a teaser for you from my current work in progress, Something in the Air, a standalone new adult novel that will hopefully be out late this summer or early fall. You can learn more about Something in the Air and add it to your TBR here.


“So…” He drew out the word. “I’m not allowed to know your name, but can I know anything else about you?”

“Well…” I thought back to what I’d told Alex and was suddenly incredibly glad I hadn’t told him what diner I worked at.

“Shall I guess?” Declan asked. When I nodded, he rubbed his chin, his eyes narrowing in my direction. He really was cute. I didn’t exactly have a type since I’d only dated two guys in my entire life, but Declan was definitely the kind of guy who would catch my attention. Not the type of guy I’d normally have the courage to talk to, though, so it felt almost surreal sitting across from him.

“You’re a college student,” he said finally. “Taking…nursing. You live off-campus in a big house with a group of other students and you normally go to Copperfield’s on Front Street, but tonight you decided to come here instead.”

“Wow.” My voice shook slightly with suppressed laughter. “You’re good.”

“Not even close, am I?”

I shook my head. “Not even a little. Sorry.”

He shrugged. “I’ve always been rubbish at guessing games.”

“Let me try you.” I rubbed my chin as he had a moment before. “You’re from Ireland.”

“Great deductive skills.” He nodded and twirled a finger for me to carry on.

“Let’s see…” I looked him over. He leaned forward on the table, his face easing into a slow, sexy grin. His movement made the lights glint off the hoop in his ear. “By your earring, I’m guessing you were a pirate in your youth. Only, a life at sea wasn’t for you, so you came to Canada to escape your past and settle down.”

His eyebrows winged up, drawing my attention to a ragged white scar in the left one. That definitely fit with my pirate theory. When he remained silent, I was worried I’d offended him, but then I noticed his shoulders start to shake, and he sat back in his seat, laughing. “A pirate!” he said between laughs.

I tried not to giggle. I wasn’t usually like this, especially with guys. Maybe it was the alcohol. “Am I close?”

“You know…” He shook his hair back, touching the earring. “You’re closer than I’m sure I was with my guess about you.”

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