Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Song of the Moment: Molli's Choice - Sam Hunt

Song of the Moment is a new feature on The Authorteers where we each take turns sharing one of the songs inspiring us lately.

When we all decided to start this feature, I was basically in Heaven. Unless I'm at work, I almost always have music playing: in the car, in the house while I'm cleaning, even while I'm writing. The only problem with a Song of the Moment is that I'm ALWAYS listening to a lot of songs. But! I finally chose just one. ;)

Sam Hunt - "Make You Miss Me"

In case y'all somehow don't know, I'm Sam Hunt's biggest fan. Well, me and Eliza Boyd. Sam does this awesome mix of country music with a bit of hip-hop mixed in, and it makes me swoon. "Make You Miss Me" is probably the most played song on my AS YOU BREATHE AGAIN (aka Farm Boy Book) playlist. I mean, THAT VOICE. His grin. His cute accent. 

It's a dream of mine to see Sam live one day. :D 

Do you like Sam's music? Is this the first you're hearing of him?

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