Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: First Paragraphs from Molli, Marie, Lilly, and Jessica

Welcome to the first edition of Teaser Tuesday on The Authorteers! We thought we would put together a little post to showcase a first paragraph (and in a couple cases first sentence plus first paragraph, lol) in each of our books to give you a little taste.


One Song Away -- Molli Moran

I'm waiting in line at the dry cleaner's when the bell above the door announces a new entry, and I swear I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand. I ignore the shudder crawling over me and focus on my phone. One of the songwriters I follow online just shared the news that a song he wrote is going platinum. I'm thrilled he's finding success, but it's one more reminder of how far I am from the goals I set when I moved here.

Waiting for the Storm -- Marie Landry

It didn’t seem right that the sun would shine on a day like today. The sky should be black, full of angry clouds heavy with the threat of rain. Wind should whip and howl through the trees, accompanied by thunder so loud it could drown out my thoughts.

Resist -- Lilly Avalon

This is a mistake.

Not pairing the silver stilettos with my brand new blue dress--no, that was genius. The mistake is coming here tonight when I should have stayed in my hotel room. It's not like I couldn't come up with a believable excuse. I'm relatively good under pressure. Not to mention that lounging in nothing but a robe and watching from my window as the sun sets behind the Manhattan skyline sounded exceptionally better.

Not Until Tonight -- Jessica Sankiewicz

Five more minutes.

If they ever did a study on the longest five minutes you can experience in your life, I'm willing to wager it's the last five minutes of your workday on a Friday. Well, maybe not, but you know what I mean.

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