Friday, May 8, 2015

An interview with author Tom Schaefer

Please welcome Tom Schaefer to The Authorteers! He's here to tell us about his books and what else he has in store.

The Interview:

1. Describe your latest book in the length of a tweet or less.

Can't describe this book in 140 characters - that just isn't realistic. Twitter is cute and trendy, but not realistic.
Tu & The Collectors is a science-fiction novel that explores several concepts.

First, it explores Alien Intervention of a benevolent nature - The book deals with an extraterrestrial intervention that is being done to save mankind from itself.

In the process, the story reveals that these advanced ETs are planning to move mankind to another planet, for our own good - almost 5 times the size of Earth, and is named "Tu".

Tu was originally terraformed and setup as a habitable planet by this advanced race, originally for themselves, but in the story, something happens that causes them to revisit their previous contact with Earth, and in the process they determine that mankind is in need of being saved from self-destruction, and soon, and Tu is the perfect place to take us.

The new planet is run by these ETs as a benevolent geniocracy - tossing out all current forms of human government in favor of a more advanced system.

The book explores how the advanced technology of replication will free mankind from monetary slavery.

The book explores the disruptive nature of ET disclosure, and how it might affect humanity.

The book explores the concepts of living on a planet where you don't have to pay to live there.

The book explores how this advanced race provides life extension technology so that you wind up living much longer.

The book explores how the ETs are allied with a secretive corps of "Collectors" who gather all manner of things and take them to Tu in preparation for the mass exodus of humanity from Earth to Tu.

2. What is your absolute favorite part of being an author?

​I love to write and create worlds.

3. Which authors have most influenced your writing?

Ian Fleming is a huge influence.

I also like ​Ernest Hemingway, Gene Rodenberry

4. What is the latest book you read and absolutely loved?

Most of what I read is of a technical nature, more non-fiction than fiction - been writing more than reading.​

5. Has your writing evolved since the first book you published?


6. Do you have any advice for other authors on how to market their books?

No. I do know that it takes a lot of effort to sell, but I do not write necessarily to sell. I do know you need to push on several fronts. You need a website about your books, and you need to push on social media.

I hope to market Tu & The Collectors as a screenplay.

7. What are you working on right now?

"Tu - Mayorga"​ is the next sequel to "Tu & The Collectors"

"Strongest Swimmer, Note To Self" - a motivational book

Thank you for sharing, Tom!

About the Author
Tom Schaefer has been a science fiction fan since he was a boy. As a lover of science fiction all his life, Tom often thought about writing a sci-fi novel, movie or television series but could never come up with a good story, and then one day Tu & The Collectors began brewing in his mind.
Tom’s own career  has given him a wealth of information and life experience to draw upon as an author.

Tom served in the US Navy Submarine service,  worked for years in a career in the high tech programming computers and websites, and has a love of photography and art.

That being said, one of Tom’s biggest talents is his imagination.

I’ve longed for a return to intelligent science fiction. The idea of monsters from space stepping on buildings never appealed to me. But I was always inspired by stories that took me to distant worlds. That’s what I wanted to do with Tu & The Collectors. I hope you enjoy this story, it’s actually been a great deal of fun to see it unfold.”

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