Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dream Cast: The Walker Boys series by Molli Moran

It's a little known fact that I *love* dream casting books. So when Lilly and I talked about dream casting some of our *own* books, I was giddy at the thought. It just so happens that I've already "cast" my Walker Boys series, at least mostly.

Years ago, in a galaxy far away I wrote original YA and NA fiction with some close friends. When that ended, and years later I decided to write a book, even though my characters were all new, I borrowed some inspiration for the Walker brothers from some characters I'd written in the past. And so I immediately knew who their visuals were.

I present to you...the cast of AS YOU TURN AWAY.

I wanted to do Ethan's girl from his book, but even though I know a lot about her, I don't have a visual for her yet. And Darren's HEA is a mystery to me still, though I think that will end up being a lot of fun to see play out.

What do y'all think? Do you like my casting? Is there someone else you'd suggest as one of the boys or gals? Isn't Chris Evans just DREAMY?! Do you "cast" characters as you read (or write) books?

Let us know if you want to see this feature again. I'd love to cast my One Song Away, or try to cast one of Marie's books. ;) And be sure to visit my Pinterest if you'd like to see more of my boards!

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