Wednesday, February 25, 2015

An interview with author Ember Casey + Giveaway

Please join us in welcoming Ember Casey to The Authorteers! She's here to talk about her books and what else she has in store for us in the future.

The Interview:

1. Describe your latest book in the length of a tweet or less.

(Okay, I’m going to cheat slightly and do this about my *next* book rather than my latest book, haha. So this is my Tweet-length description of The Secret to Seduction!)

Felicia has 8 days to seduce Hollywood bad boy Luca Fontaine. Fortunately, her boss Roman Everett is willing to teach her everything she needs…

2. When you wrote His Wicked Games, did you know how many books/stories would follow?

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but no—I had no idea! But the story kept growing and the characters kept getting themselves into trouble, so I kept writing. The series definitely took on a life of its own.

3. When you finish writing stories that follow the Cunningham family, is it going to be hard saying goodbye? Or are you going to just keep giving us more stories featuring Lily, Calder, Louisa, and Ward? (Because I'd have no problem with that, lol.)

Right now, I’m planning on two more novels in the series (but as I said before, this series has taken on a life of its own—so who knows? Haha). Even when the series is “over,” I’ll probably continue to write stories here and there about these characters—I love them too much to let them go forever! I’m also starting a couple of new series this year as well, so I should have a bunch of new characters to play with too.

4. Of all the stories you've written so far, which one is your favorite?

That’s an impossible question, haha. I love them all in different ways. But I’m probably most proud of Truth or Dare, the second book in the Cunningham Family series. The first book just flowed out of me, but Truth or Dare was really, really hard to write. But it was also the book where I began to understand Calder and Lily on a much deeper level.

5. Have you had difficulty getting into the mind of any of your characters?

I usually don’t understand my characters until the second draft of a book. When I write a first draft, I’m usually trying to hammer out the plot—I only focus on the most superficial/surface-level motivations, wants, and needs. By the second draft, though, I really start to see the characters on a deeper level, to understand what’s they were hiding the first time through the story.

6. I loved seeing all your posts and pictures from when you were in Europe last year. What was your favorite moment on the trip? (Or if there were a couple, share them both!)

Oh man, there are too many to count! I’d never traveled by myself before, so the whole trip felt like a big scary (but exciting) adventure. I think the most memorable part for me was walking the length of Hadrian’s Wall in England. I’ve never done anything before or since that’s pushed me as physically or as mentally (there were definitely some tears that week, haha), but it also made me feel like I can do anything.

7. I'm sure that your trip also gave you plenty of inspiration. Will you be using it in upcoming novels?

Definitely! I’ll be releasing a book this summer that’s set in Croatia, which is one of the places I visited in the fall. I also have a few other ideas brewing… but nothing I can announce just yet. ;)

8. What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m working on edits for The Secret to Seduction, the first Fontaine family book. I’m also in the early stages of working on the next Fontaine book and another Cunningham Family book—so there’s lots in the queue!

Thanks so much for sharing, Ember!

About the Author
Ember Casey is a twenty-something writer who lives in Atlanta, Georgia in a den of iniquity (or so she likes to tell people). When she's not writing steamy romances, you can find her whipping up baked goods (usually of the chocolate variety), traveling (her bucket list is infinite), or generally causing trouble (because somebody has to do it).


Ember is giving away an ebook copy of the His Wicked Games boxed set to one lucky winner!

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